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About Me 


Hello there! I am fully qualified Sports & Holistic Massage Therapist based in Bishop's Castle, Shropshire and The Courtyard, Cracked Wheat in Newtown. 


I offer a range of treatments including Sports Massage; Swedish (Relaxation) and Deep Tissue Body Massage; Reflexology; Indian Head Massage; Warm Bamboo Massage, my own guided Meditation Massage and Reiki.


Holistic Massage Therapies 



Massage is one of the oldest forms of relaxation and pain relief and is still incredibly important today. In my holistic therapies I treat the mind and body, as a whole.  


As someone who has suffered a lot from anxiety, and knows only too well the potentially crippling effect that it can have on a person's mental and physical health, I have spent a long time trying to find alternative, holistic ways of dealing with stress. Those that are more harmonius and long lasting.


I discovered massage to be incredibly helpful, and this is part of the reason why I chose to train as a Therapist myself.  Massage is something I am incredibly passionate about. Stress, depression and anxiety can exhibit itself in physical forms ; random sometimes severe aches, pains and tension can often be the result of manifestations in the body. An hour on the couch in a calming environment may not magic away the external stressors - but the strokes therapists use can definitely give your body a chance to relax, restore and revive. When the body's nervous system is calm, life can become a lot more manageable. 


The therapeutic aspects of touch begin at birth. Mothers caress and gently stroke their babies to comfort and soothe them. Human contact continues to be an incredibly important element of life. If you think about something as simple as a hug : that human contact and brief sense of well being is what the body needs. Holistic massage works in a similar vein in creating an enhanced sense of over all well being and content.  


Massage can raise the body's natural hormone; serotonin - the feel good transmitter. This also works towards aiding in restorative sleep and pain relief. Massage also lowers the body's levels of cortisol. This is the stress hormone which determines the fight or flight responses and which can keep people awake at night, or cause them to wake in the middle of the night in a state of anxiety.


Massage therapists are trained in anatomy and physiology and work with each individual client's body to produce the best results possible. This may be in the form of relaxing and soothing massage, aleiviating aching muscles/tension, flushing out any build up of lactic acid following sporting activities; preparing muscles for exercise and aiding recovery as well as inducing an overall sense of well being. 


Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


I also offer Sports massage. This is NOT just for athletes as the title may suggest. In today's fast paced world where much more time is spent sedentarily at our desks, or driving - our posture and physiology has taken a battering. We suffer more with back pain, and shoulder/neck tension than ever before. Sports massage is targetted and a great way to ease these problem areas. 


Sports massage is great for those who take part in regular exercise - it can help the body prepare for events by warming up and stretching muscles, improving the flow of blood and oxygen ready for use. Afterwards a post-event treatment will flush out any built up lactic acid and aid recovery time. Maintenance massage is very good for regular targetted treatments in order to maintain healthy muscles. 


I am not medically qualified and would always recommend a client seek, and heed, regular medical advice where appropriate. If it would be detrimental for a client to receive one of my treatments, I will always advise they seek medical advice ; or if appropriate, suggest an alternative therapy/therapist who may be able to offer a more beneficial treatment for their particular need. 


Having lived in different parts of the country, I am very pleased to be able to offer my treatments from the wonderfully quirky market town of Bishop's Castle, in Shropshire. It has always been known for it's relaxed and alternative community and still attracts many artists, healers and musicians aswell as from my wonderfully relaxing space at The Courtyard in Newtown in Powys, an oasis of calm. 


If you have any queries, or would like to discuss a possible treatment, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jenny Hudson

Sports & Holistic Massage Therapist 



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