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                              Consultation and Terms 

Before any treatment is carried out, a full medical and health consultation is taken.


This allows me an opportunity to understand more about your individual needs. I can then create a treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements. My aim is to ensure that you receive the most appropriate and effective therapy possible. 


You will be required to read through your consultation card and sign it. This is to confirm that you agree that all details are correct, and you are happy for the discussed treatment/plan to be carried out. 


Consultation cards, personal details and any information shared during the therapy are treated in the strictest confidence.  


Consultations and treatments are carried out in a safe, non-judgmental environment where the your comfort and dignity are of paramount importance. During treatments, you will be covered at all times, apart from the part of the body that I am working on. This is to ensure you stay warm and to protect your modesty.  


Treatments cannot be carried out if you are currently suffering from a fever; a cold; cancer; certain illnesses/diseases or you are in the 1st/3rd trimester of pregnancy. 


Following your treatment, you will receive aftercare advice. 


Please do not negate any medical advice given by your Doctor/Health Practitioner.


Cancellations and no show conditions :

Over 24 hours notice : no charge

Less than 24 hours and no shows : Full treatment price WILL be charged 


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