Professional Sports & Holistic Massage Therapies in Bishop's Castle & Newtown
               Professional Sports & Holistic Massage Therapies in                      Bishop's Castle & Newtown 

Personalised Online Plans for Muscular Pain 


Are you are experiencing muscular pain?


Leading a more sedentary lifestyle due to the current conditions and restrictions placed upon us? 


Are you working from home and feeling the difference in how your body feels? 


Less time at the gym or exercising taking a toll?


Poor posture?




Any issues that I would normally see you for in my treatment room can benefit from an online plan offering stretches and advice and is completely personalised for YOU.  Delivered straight to your inbox. 


I will go through a detailed consultation either by telephone or video link and then create a personalised plan just for you. 


Each plan consists of detailed advice together specific exercises and stretches with accompanying demonstration videos and a follow up consultation.


Email me on or through the contact form.




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