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Sports Massage Therapy 

Sports massage and deep tissue is not just for athletes. Anyone can benefit.  It offers physical; physiological and psychological benefits. Deep tissue works on the underlying muscles and fascia (connective tissue) which often become tight and troublesome and can refer pain to other areas.  Sports massage is targetted massage and may involve some stretches and movement. I offer treatments to suit your needs and requirements, combining a range of techniques. All of my treatments are tailored specifically to your individual needs.  

I am available to attend events – either for whole teams or individuals in order to give pre and post-event treatments.

Improves sporting performance

Reduces pain

Releases fascia

Improves range of motion

Aids relaxation

Targets troubled areas by encouraging circulation which carries vital oxygen and nutrients to injured/painful areas to aid self recovery

Helps with the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions which can hinder mobility/cause pain.



Pre-event massage

Helps the athlete to mentally prepare for an event

Increases oxygen being transported to the muscles

Stretches out and warms the muscles ready for use

Reduces the risk of injury


Post-event massage

Helps the athlete psychologically to relax

Flushes out any build-up of lactic acid

Aids recovery time


Ideal for those with desk based occupations - back pain is becoming one of the most common complaints. Prolonged periods of sitting and changes in our posture is resulting in muscular issues, lower back pain and work place absence.

Tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders built up from our stressful lives; along with long periods of driving or communting is taking its toll. Sports massage and deep tissue work is great for breaking down this tension. 




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